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How was this album??
Date : 2020-01-31Score :★★★★★
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  • Maria Isabel Almirol 2020-02-07
    I listened to all the songs in this album. The songs have very different vibe. I love "Holding on." I love how iKON were able to come up with new sound. Also got surprised with DK's composition "FLOWER" ~ its really good. This group is full of talented individual. We really can't deny it. Overall I give this album thumbs up. Good job boys.
  • Olga Maksimova 2020-02-07
    I have been waiting for this comeback more than of any other bands and all this long time was worth it. Cause all the songs have the best tunes of all the albums all together. The lyrics, music and specially boys' voices have so much charm that I can't stop listening to this masterpiece. It seems that with time all members have become like precious diamonds whose value with time becomes higher and higher:each and every member has become brighter and sharper achieving greatest charisma ever. Thanks to YG and iKON for such a great pleasure. Always your loyal supporter. iKONICs are always with you.
  • Jennie VACA 2020-02-08
    This was such a great album. I love everything about it, ah yeah is such a great track I love the beginning of it. This comeback just proves that iKON is such a great talented group and i wish to see them succeed. I would definitely recommend this album to everyone, stan iKON!!
  • NUR ASIAH ABDULLAH 2020-02-08
    this album so good!!! all songs sound like title song. Keep fighting ikon!!!
  • nurul izyan mohamad anuar 2020-02-09
    the album was lit... i really enjoy it. all song have roller coaster emotion. totally worth it..
  • Nurul jannah 2020-02-10
    The comeback that ikonics have been waiting for! The album is so good and I just can't decide which is my favourite!
  • Racel Maye Tamparong 2020-02-10
    I really love this album! Especially DIVE and AH YEAH, the sound of harmonica and that cool intro of ah yeah. They got the vibes, uniqueness and fierceness. And also DK's FLOWER, WOW! thank you for giving iKONIC such a heartfelt song. I am deeply touched. Fighting iKON!
  • NAMEUN 2020-02-11
    I love it, the beat, the melody and everything about this album are thrilling. All members must have been through many difficulties. I wanna support their comeback at all cost and I'm gonna support them whether they are 7 or 6.
  • Yimon Thant 2020-02-12
    I can see they all worked hard. Worth to listen. I like all the song tracks. I will always support my boys. Well done. Thank you and love you iKON 20200131_HE_3_0000844
  • Jithathai Sitthi 2020-02-12
    Waiting for a long time. All song is so good!!! Flower is very beautiful song for me. Thank you so much for your comeback, I will support you all forever.
  • Maria Zaragoza 2020-02-12
    I Love this Album so much!
  • Sanni Helza 2020-02-13
    I believe, they were wrote this song by soul and put in strong emotions. 진자 주하애
  • Sanni Helza 2020-02-13
    I believe, they were wrote this song by soul and put in strong emotions. 진자 주하애
  • Michelle Chiew Meng Siew 2020-02-13
    I have listened all the songs and the melody were all great. Meaningful lyrics with unique choreography. iKON definitely rock the new style 🤘🏼🤘🏼Looking forward for iKON to swipe all the awards in the future.
  • Marie Sunshine Opalla 2020-02-14
    The album gives a new vibe for iKON. This comeback has put emphasis more on the vocals, which is not a bad thing. The songs are all good. I would like to commend Flower and Holding On tho. Those two songs were undeniably the best tracks of the album, just based on my own opinion. The songs feel like they were made to ease everyone's stress and worries. It gives comfort not just with its melodies but also with that poetic and meaningful lyrics of the song. Ah Yeah, on the other hand, is like a shocking revelation. It sounds like they are touring us on a jungle which is why it feels like my adrenaline is always increasing when listening to it haha. All The World is giving me retro feels. It is like bringing me back to the old days. And of course, I wouldn't end this review without commenting about Dive. Dive is a song the brings out the cool side of iKON. It is a dope song. I would also like to compliment the choreography. It makes me want to do the #DivewithiKON challenge on TikTok hahaha.

    Overall, the album is satisfactory and I believe iKONic's has appreciated the struggles of the production of this album. I believe this album will bring about more listeners for iKON. Salute to iKON! You guys did well!
  • Nadiah Naim 2020-02-14
    Incredibly good! iKONICs with you forever. 💓
  • Carolina González 2020-02-14
    hi! i love this guys, the album is amazing! let´s make history guys.
    by the way happy valentine´s day!
    best regards!
  • Kimberly Rojas 2020-02-16
    Good songs this comeback and I’m very excited to see their promotions. I like all their songs especially since Chan woo is my favorite and his voice works well in every song!! I love how this time there is a green version (it is my favorite color) ☺️
  • Rahma Anggita 2020-03-11
    I love this album so much! The song tracks, concept, and everything about this comeback. I like all the song tracks. I can see they all worked hard. I love you, iKON
  • Nica Abestado 2020-05-26
    The album is so good
  • Maribel Levac 2020-05-29
    this album is just so good. No wonder Ikon are my favorite group. I love how they can make different kinds of songs in 1 album.. Sometimes i feel like songs on an album can be repetitive; Ikon is the opposite of that. I like how much diversity there is in this album. Ikon Fighting!!

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