• [normal] YG SELECT Return and Exchange policies

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    • You can cancel you order before the item is shipped for delivery. After the item has been shipped, you can demand a return, refund or item exchange in accordance with the YG E-SHOP’s Return and Exchange policies below.

      1. When you receive the package, If you want to refund or return the item, You have to ask in 1:1 inquiry or CS E-mail within 2days!

      2. If you want to exchange or refund, You have to pay round shipping fee.

      But if the item is defective item, You don’t need care about shipping fee.

      Just ask to us with the picture!

      3. If the item is defective, We will help you to exchange or refund in 7 days.

      When you get your package, Please check your item carefully!

      THANK YOU !

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