The information of CS center

  • Mon - Fri : From 10:00 to 18:00 (GMT +9)
    (* Day off - Sat, Sun and Public holiday)
    * Time check URL.
  • If you have any question, Feel free contact us in 1:1 inquiry.
  • We always try to do our best to reply as soon as possible.
    But It is possible to delay reply late due to out of busniess hour or excessive number of orders.
  • We do apologize to reply late.
    The reply will be completed in order.

How to order

  • Appreciate for shopping YGSELECT
  • The YGSELECT can buy the products of member / non-member

    Please check the below order guide

  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Step1 : Select the favorite product and then check the product detail

    Step2 : If you want to buy them directly, please select the BUY

    (If you want to buy other product with, Please select the "BUY" > select the option > click the "SHOPPING BAG")

    Step3 : When you have saved the products, Select the bag shape at the bottom of the main page, check the product that was stored, and click the order button

    Step4 : Please have put the delivery information

    Step5 : Select the "ORDER" button and then putting the payment information

    Step6 : After the order, you can get the email for order confirmation to email

The information of Delivery

  • Shipping date : If the order is completed payment before 5P.M, All package will be shipped out to you on the following day.
    If the shipping schedule delay, It takes a time about 7-14 business days from order.
  • It is possible to delayed to ship the package out due to delay stock.

    The shipping same day is not possible due to international shipping.

    If the item is customized item, It will take about 2 weeks to ship out.

    According to the respective country customs policy might change the date.

    If the item is pre-order item, It will be shipped out from the day we notice in detail page.

Shipping carriers : EMS

  • We have partnership with EMS. All shippings will be shipped out as an EMS.

How to track order

Shipping fee

  • All countries : Shipping charge by weight


  • We only provide PayPal
  • The custome can use Visa, Master, Discover, American Express, JCB in PayPal.

Tariff or Custom

  • It is possible to charged tariff as a policy in country.

    The tariff is totally depends on the policy in county.
    We cannot handle any problem of tariff.

    Please ask to custom directly.
    We cannot provide information of the tariff because It is totally different in each country.

    If the traiff charged, The custom will contact you to solve the problem.
    After that, The package will be deilvered to you.

    If you rejected to pay tariff, We will not send the package again.

    If the item retured because of tariff, We will refund money back to you without shipping fee and custom charge.

  • ※ Destination countries may levy taxes on your purchased goods, which the receiver will be responsible for. YGSELECT is not responsible for unpaid customs taxes, and If return back for don`t pay the taxes, will deduct the initial shipping fee.

  • Please check your county’s customs policies before placing your order.

Exchange, Return

  • The policy of exchange and return.

  • If you want to track your order, Please search your tracking number in the site below.

    If you returned the item, Please send the item to us same as you get the package.
    (Tag, label, Price tag and so on)

    If you typed wrong information in order sheet or rejected to pay tariff, We will not send package to customer again.

    If the item is defective or damage, We will provide to refund money back to you as a compensation.

  • The process of Exchange and Refund

  • 1. If the package has some problem like wrong item, missed, damaged, or defect, Please ask to us with your order information like order number, item name and so on in 1:1 inquiry

    2. After we checked about the problem of your order, We will notice to you what you are going to do.

    3. Please send the item to the address what we noticed.
    (*If you send the package without any inquiry with us, It is possible to reject the refund or exchange)
    ( Please note order number, name and ID in return package)

    4. After return the package, Please let us know about invoice or tracking number about return.

    5. When the item arrive in our warehouse, We will refund money back to you.

    * If the item have some problem not a same as when you received like remove tag or used,
    It is possible to reject the refund or exchange.

    6.The refund process will be completed within 5-7 business days.

    If the item was returned because of defective item, We will check the item then apply refund process!

  • The information of Exchange and Return

  • 1. Exchange information / Replace item / Cancel before shipping.

    1) Cancel before shipping
    - It is possible to request cancellation the package before 5P.M,(GMT+9)
    - It is possible to cancel in system, when you request before 5P.M. After the 5P.M, It will not be canceled in system.

    2) Replace item before shipping.
    It also same as a cancel policy. / It is possible to replace the item in system, when you request before 5P.M. / After the 5P.M, It will not be replaced in system.
    - If you want to replace option like a color or size, It will be possible to replace other option before 5P.M.
    - If the replacing item's value is higher than original item in your order, We recommend cancel whole order then order the items again.
    - If the replacing item's value is lower than original item in your order, We will help to replace item and refund money back to you as a deposit.

  • 2. Cancel request in shipping.

    If the shipping already processed, It is not possible to cancel the package.
    When the item will be returned to us, We can cancel and refund money back to you.

  • 3. Returning fee.

    In case of return the whole package.
    - Refund money back to customer without shipping fee + The shipping fee from customer have to be paid as a prepaid.

    Wrong item, Missed item, Damaged item, Defective item.
    - We will conpensate everything about refund or exchange.
    If the problem is totally our falut, When we send the new item, The customer can get the other option :)
    But It is not possible to replace other item
    When we send the item to customer again, We will provide new tracking number.

    4. Not allowed to retrun or exchange

    1) If the customer did not ask to refund or exchange within 7days after the item arrived.
    2) If the customer did not any notice to us.
    3) If the item is used or damaged.
    - The damaged or missed label or tag.
    - If the item's smell is like cigarettes or perfumes.
    - It the item was reparied or washed.
    4) If the item can easy to damaged in delivery.
    - As the first time order, When the customer applied to return the item, If the total price will be below under free shipping condition, We will refund money back without shipping fee.


  • Shipping

  • In case of pre-order item, The shipping will begin from the day in detail page.

    It is possible to delayed to ship out due to excessive number of orders.

  • Exchange and Cancel before shipping

  • In case of pre-order item, YGSELCT place the order to manufacturer everyday.

    Even if the pre-order package is not shipped out yet, The order is already in process

    We are not allowed to cancel or Exchange especially of Pre-order

    * It requires special attention especially of Pre-order package.