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Spider Vol. 3 For The Bloom

10.18 USD

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It is not allowed cancel or exchange
before shipping
If you want to check detail policy,
Please check HELP PAGE


Shoppping guide

The information of CS center
Mon - Fri : From 10:00 to 18:00 (GMT +9)
(* Day off - Sat, Sun and Public holiday)
If you have any question, Feel free contact us in 1:1 inquiry.
We always try to do our best to reply as soon as possible.
But It is possible to delay reply late due to out of busniess hour or excessive number of orders.
We do apologize to reply late.
The reply will be completed in order.

The information of Delivery
If the order is completed payment before 5P.M, All package will be shipped out to you on the following day.
If the shipping schedule delay, It takes a time about 7-14 business days from order.
* It is possible to delayed to ship the package out due to delay stock.
* The shipping same day is not possible due to international shipping.
* If the item is customized item, It will take about 2 weeks to ship out.
* If the item is pre-order item, It will be shipped out from the day we notice in detail page.

Tariff or Custom
It is possible to charged tariff as a policy in country.
The tariff is totally depends on the policy in county. We cannot handle any problem of tariff.
Please ask to custom directly. We cannot provide information of the tariff because It is totally different in each country.
If the traiff charged, The custom will contact you to solve the problem. After that, The package will be deilvered to you.
If you rejected to pay tariff, We will not send the package again.
If the item retured because of tariff, We will refund money back to you without shipping fee and custom charge.

Exchange, Return
If you want to apply exchange or return, Please ask to 1:1 inquiry first.
If you returned the item, Please send the item to us same as you get the package. (Tag, label, Price tag and so on)
If you typed wrong information in order sheet or rejected to pay tariff, We will not send package to customer again.
If the item is defective or damage, We will provide to refund money back to you as a compensation.

1) Cancel before shipping
It is possible to request cancellation the package before 5P.M,(GMT+9)
2) Replace item before shipping.
It also same as a cancel policy. It is possible to replace the item in system, when you request before 5P.M.
If you want to know more process of exchange or return, Please check the shopping policy in main page